What is OLR

OLR is a shortcut for Open Learning Repository. OLR is a metadata based eLearning portal used for education purposes. It provides a web-browser based user interface for authors and readers of courses. Main part of the author interface is an RDF scheme driven metadata editor. The RDF/XML metadata of courses is stored in a relational database.

OLR 0.1 Released on 8th May 2004

This is the first open source release of the Open Learning Repository (OLR), which is based on the master thesis of Tobias Kunze of the year 2002. This release does not yet contain any new features than those provided by the old code base.

You can download the release archives from Sourceforge.


OLR provides functionality to

  • describe courses with RDF through a web based editor
  • view and annotate courses for public or private
  • add and import new RDF course schemes

See the diploma thesis of Tobias Kunze for a detailed description of the features of OLR.


  • Made OLR persistence layer database independant
  • Use PostgreSQL database by default
  • Use Maven as technical project management infrastructure
  • Upgraded from Enhydra Application Server 3.1 to 5.1

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